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17 / 08 / 23

Annuities – Making the Right Choice

When you come to retire getting the best annuity rates is important, but so is getting the right annuity options. They go hand in hand, and, arguably, one’s not much good without the other. Rate wise, every little extra helps, as that’s more money in your pocket. However, choosing the right annuity with the right options is as important. 

Make the right choice

Take your time as you approach your retirement to find the best deal and the one that best suits your particular set of circumstances.

With the right annuity rates and annuity options you could have a much richer retirement.  How nice it would be if you could be a bit better off in your retirement. And remember that enhanced annuity rates are there if you have any medical or lifestyle issues, and they can provide you with a far higher retirement income but only if you’re prepared to be open about your situation and reveal all.

Forget your existing pension provider, shop around for the best annuity rates using your open market option. Rates could be much higher elsewhere. And look out for those valuable annuity options – they can make a big difference. Do you want a guarantee period in case you should die early? Do you want a joint life annuity if you’ve a spouse or partner to consider financially should you die? Do you want to take your income on a level basis throughout, or do you want it to increase year on year to help protect your income against future inflation? Each option warrants your consideration.

You owe it to yourself to put in the extra effort at retirement to get the best deal. Would you believe that most people do not shop around? Annuity rates can vary tremendously, and can vary by as much as 20% between the best and worst on offer, even if you’re in good health. It really is crucial that you pinpoint which is right for you.

Simply Retirement can guide you by explaining your options in detail and providing quotes for every eventuality.  Our aim is to get you the best annuity rate for your circumstances. For more information, read our FREE annuity guide and then get a no obligation annuity quote by using the form on the right.